Sunday, 26 February 2017


i kept looking at you,
at the way you’ve woven this story and surrounded yourself with myths.
how lonely it must be, to be adored until the point of exhaustion.
when i came, i knelt before the promise of honey. baptised the stars
with your name. even worshiped you to the point of creation.
i prayed with trembling hands and skinned knees.
every word of yours seemed rooted on sacred mountains.
brushing skin against skin was absolution.
when you left, there was only rot and decay
and me,

i will undeify you.
you were supposed to be holy but turned away from that light,
became something hungry that knew nothing about dreams.
here’s what you should look after: a splintered mortal,
coming to steal the fire. coming to break all the altars down.
the sky might fall, but i will not. i’ve got nothing but slaughter
and the memory of honey.

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