Monday, 28 December 2015



            I.  Some people sleep at night.
But not lovers. And not when they are alone. They will lie awake, hands tucked on their chests, trying to silence their ghosts. Eyelids fluttering in the coldness of the room. They will lie awake , eyes wandering towards the night sky, where stars collide, where light commits suicide.

II. So maybe it’s a good thing.
That city’s so vast you can break my heart and get away with it. Never have to look at me again. Never have to reopen a constellation of scars.

III. You buried me in you and I became a mirror. 
It will be like it happened to someone else. Then, it will be like we never even existed. But you knew that, didn’t you ?

IV. We’ll never get to be ourselves again. We’ll crave change as long as there are people to change after. Inside us, we’ll be sewn up with different skies. We’ll try to explain our bruises. We’ll invent monsters under the bed for other people to stay beside us at night. We’ll learn to lie awake again.