Monday, 17 August 2015


Come closer.
Can you hear the humming ?

                            I.   so let me tell you the story about my undoing:
there are still fingertips bruising my body
even in the calmest of nights,
the calmest of storms.

                 II.     this will be a story about a girl
    that mends and sews broken hearts
and not only on paper.

    III.      i can still hear her laugh
echoing and vanishing like smoke
( just tell me where you are.
i’ll trace my fingers against all these years
and i’ll live in your skin again. )

               IV.   i have never learnt how to love
without breaking bones;
the only people i have ever known
only stayed long enough
to wound.

        V.       writing is like
a religion
and i am willing to shred
my veins open
if that means
letting go.

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