Tuesday, 7 July 2015

the thing about travelling

they never tell you that
after you come back home
you’re going to long for
days, even months,
for the open, endless road
and the constellations imprinted
under your eyelids
right before you fall asleep
in the back of the car ;

they never tell you that
you’ll feel homesick all your life
because you’ll crave for
adventure, castles, maps
and alternative realities.
you’ll never settle for a house
but for the unpredictability of trains
and the kindness of strangers ;

they never tell you about
the people you meet along the road
their hope, their mistery or their smile ;
no, that would be too painfull.
but you’ll find yourself
miles away, waking up in the middle of the night
and hoping that they are well.
( please, let them be okay. )

as a traveller
you’ll only feel safe
when you wander the streets
of a foreign city
searching for a new adventure
and never looking back.

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