Thursday, 30 April 2015

i'm darkness

it hurts here, it hurts
in places I didn’t even think existed,
it hurts where I don’t see,
it hurts where you left scars and bruises
and then left.
( you did seem to think
i’m a refuge for ghosts.
was i too heavy for you ? )

but you couldn’t have known
that I’m smouldering fire,
heart and smoke and fury entwined.
i’m a loaded gun that awaits freedom.
i’m not this frail, vulnerable body ;
i am storm hidden behind bones,
i’m words spilled from open veines.
you cannot break me.
i’m already cracked and trembling,
a shell without a home,
a wound that can’t heal.

i’m darkness
and I do not bow to you.

( you should think twice
before coming back to me again.
i’m not the same person you left. )