Saturday, 21 March 2015

monsters don't run

 Why are you crying, little wolf ? You’ve kept your chin held up so high until now. Why are you thinking about falling ?

 You’ve got strength, otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now. You don’t just give up because things are crap. You fight. You make your way through bloody, but graceful. Lethal to others. Fear may pound in your chest, but this only makes you feel more alive. You don’t just wait to be attacked. You are the one accepting the risk and taking a stand.

 So what if you’re frightened ? We all are, and most people stay like this all their lives. You must learn how to live with it. Do what you need to do to survive. Light a cigarette and pour your tears in the smoke. Make coffee at 3 AM and finish learning the bones in the body. Wear you eyeliner and the shades below your eyes like battlefield scars. Write the madness away.
 And, like this, you’re unstoppable.

 Just remember: you’re a monster. And monsters don’t run. They tear apart.

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