Sunday, 10 August 2014


 The crashing of waves, it’s woven in my being. The way they hit the cliffs , embracing the rock with a cold, abrupt sound. I think salt and water have mixed up behind my skin, made me a creature of the sea, longing for the grace of the tides.  The echoes inside me never stop ; I’m like a shell rewinding the memory of the greater waters.  I have the entire sea overwhelming me, and this body of mine is too shallow, too small to contain it.  
 My heart beats for the endless depths of blue and shadow and sorrow. The chant of the sea , the seagulls screaming their melancholia , it’s all around me. Whispering in my ear. Maybe that’s why people are drawn to it. Wilderness and harmony merging together, unrestrained. Isn't that what every human being is made of ?  
 The smooth breeze drifted across the sand. At that moment, the sea and the sky were entwined, like they came from the same fabric. Clouds passed silently into the water, floating with the algae, and the waves seem to take over the lonely sky. I deeply inhaled, letting my thoughts pass by, carried away by the salted wind, further and further.